Summer School: Geography Fun

Great advice on summer geography lessons. 🙂

A Homeschool Mom

Of all the fun things that we do over the summer, the one thing my kids always look forward to the most, is geography. Funny isn’t it? I think most of us look back on geography as boring and unimportant, but nope; not our kids. Why the difference? There are lots of ways we’ve made geography fun! Let’s take a look at a few…

When I first thought of teaching geography as a fun summer course, I came across Little Passports. This curriculum sounded fun, but unfortunately gets a little pricey when you are dealing with more than one child. Their program is well designed, but not all of the aspects  fit my children’s needs. I decided to keep the basic concept and push it to the limit!

The first thing I did was head over to Michaels and purchase these neat plastic “suitcases”. Inside these suitcases, we would…

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logodraftI’m kind of known for doing things backwards. This is fine by me, because I feel pretty content with my life even though I’ve probably been “doing it wrong” all along. When I decided to start a small business in the realm of educational services, I figured the best way to deal with the ramp-up time and demotivation that can occur when embarking on such a daunting journey was to include potential allies and clients in the process and use my experience as a new entrepreneur as a teachable moment…or, more likely, a teachable process.

My background and goals for this endeavor are outlined here. My goal for this blog is to provide resources for those who are earnestly seeking alternatives to formal education, as well as narrate my journey as a new business owner as a means of educating about creating an educational services business. (Did you follow that?)

I encourage you to feel free to jump in and share your experiences as a small businessperson, entrepreneur, or self-educated individual. Or tell me I’m doing it wrong.

As Bob Dylan said “To live outside the law, you must be honest.” I’ll add to that by saying “To learn outside of institutions, you must be open.”