Education Never Ends offers the following services. Please check back periodically, as we will be adding more services as the months progress.

One-on-one computer tutoring

  • Do you, or does someone you know, need help navigating the digital realm?
  • Are you tired of wondering whether you’re doing it wrong?
  • Do you need basic computer skills training, including practice with email, attachments, basic terminology, shortcuts, and working with the Windows operating system?
  • Are you somewhat familiar with computers, but feel like you might be able to be more efficient with a little help?
  • Would you like to learn how to use specific tools with supportive and encouraging guidance?
  • Are you having trouble deciding what computer system or upgrades you should buy to meet your specific needs?
  • Do you need software or hardware repair from someone who can explain what they are doing as they do it, so you are more able to repair it yourself next time?

All of these services and more are offered by our friendly pool of computer tutors. We bring technology down to earth and explain things in a way that will make sense to you and help you accomplish your goals using technology as a useful tool, rather than a merciless master. Email us for rates at We do our best to remain affordable to everyone, and we also barter.

Curriculum Development Pre-K-Adult

  • Are you a homeschooling parent who needs some help injecting creative, project-based, or multi-genre curriculum into your routine?
  • Do you have trouble finding and choosing the appropriate resource for child’s interests or needs?
  • Would you like to take advantage of the plethora of online educational resources, but don’t know where to start?
  • Are you having trouble motivating yourself to keep up with your own educational goals?
  • Do you need some tips on time and project management to keep scheduling on track for your children and/or yourself?
  • Could you use encouragement to stay on target with your goals from a veteran of Do-It-Yourself Education

I have over 25 years of experience in DIY educational goal-setting and follow-through, and have developed several time and task management tools to help me stay on top of my goals. I would love to help you find the tool that works best for you, and offer you moral and material support on your journey. Feel free to email me for more information and rates at I will work with your budget, and I will barter!

More Services Coming Soon, including:

  • Adult summer camps
  • Workshops
  • Instructor Development Training

If you are interested in any of these services, please contact me. Also, if you have a skill that you would like to share with others, let me know. I’d love to build a network of skill-sharers, assist with training plans and techniques, and help you help others reach their goals. We can work face-to-face if you are local to Austin, or we can do email or skype consulting. ❤

Thanks so much!

Lainie Duro

Education Never Ends Lifelong Learning Support Services

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